About Me

Hello, fellow travelers! I’m Jared, the heart and soul behind Good Travel Days, a blog dedicated to the joy, chaos, and unforgettable moments of traveling with family. Born from my love of exploring the world, this blog is a canvas where I paint the stories of our adventures, share tried-and-tested travel tips, and inspire you with recommendations for destinations near and far.

Living in Brisbane, Australia, with my wife and two amazing kids, I’ve turned my passion for travel into a lifestyle. Our family’s journey has taken us through the bustling streets of England, Europe, the USA, Canada, Japan, China, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, and many more. Each destination has left its mark on us, enriching our lives with new cultures, flavors, and friendships.

Italy’s rich history and vibrant culture, Bali’s serene landscapes, the bustling cities of Los Angeles and New York, the tranquil beauty of Japan, and Canada’s snow and nature hold special places in our hearts. These places, among many others, have taught us the value of exploration and the joy of discovering the world together as a family.

At Good Travel Days, you’ll find more than just travel guides. You’ll discover destination advice, essential gear recommendations, and insights into traveling with kids. W

Our mission is simple: to help you navigate the globe with ease, make the most of your travels, and create lasting memories with the ones you love. So, join us as we share our experiences, the lessons we’ve learned, and the joy we’ve found in every corner of the world.

Welcome aboard, and let’s make every day a good travel day!